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We deliver a pop-up dining experience inside the office for your staff. Lunches are served family style so staff can grab a plate and take a break, allowing them to connect over chef-prepared food.

Food for every taste

Vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, meat-lover, we've got options for everyone. Our chef purposefully creates menus that are universal, allowing every staff member to get exactly what they want.

Rotating Menus

New chef-created menus, released every week. Our rotating menus are full of fresh local ingredients and packed with worldwide flavors.

Chef-made Meals

No more soggy sandwiches and greasy pizza. Our culinary team designs weekly menus that focus on worldwide flavors while incorporating locally-sourced ingredients.
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How does food build culture?

% of staff say food-based perks would make them feel more valued by their employers
% of staff say they think sharing meals with colleagues helps foster a better working relationship
% of staff say that if their current employer were to provide meals, they would be less inclined to accept a job offer at a company that does not
% of staff say that food-related perks would make them more inclined to rate their companies highly in a "Best Places to Work" survey

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