Rohr + Storrie Shape Sifted’s Success in Austin

Austin is relaxed but energetic, down-home but cultured, sophisticated but never succumbing to convention. The values of The 512 perfectly align with those of the Sifted family. Together, they celebrate community, craftsmanship, homegrown flavors, and originality.

Our newest business development manager and city manager, Lauren Rohr and Jo Storrie, share why they love Austin and how the Silicon Hills can benefit from the perks of lunch.

Lauren Rohr // Business Development Manager


What did you do before you joined the Sifted team?
I was an account executive at Foodee.

Why are you excited to spread the word on “lunch as a perk” in Austin?
I think the Austin market is more than ready for a company like Sifted to come in and shake things up! While there are many companies who offer a similar service, no one does it quite like Sifted. I am excited to elevate the corporate lunch hour in Austin with our chef-prepared meals!

What is the food culture like in Austin, and how can Sifted play into that?
Austin is such a food-centric market. We have amazing restaurants serving up some incredible food. Sifted’s experiential approach to corporate lunch will be a welcome change to the typical meal delivery services currently operating in this city.

What are some of your favorite blogs and/or social media channels to follow and why?
I follow Tasting Table for fun new recipes and trends. My friend is an editor there and I love what they’re doing! I also follow Eater to keep up to date with restaurants in Austin.

Why do you love Austin?
I love Austin for so so so many reasons! I love the laid back vide of the city. You can go to the best restaurant in town, dressed in jeans and a ratty t-shirt, without anyone giving you a second glance. The weather is great 9 months out of the year – and during the 3 months of crazy heat, my family and I just jump from air conditioning to the nearest pool. I also love how local everything feels. Most chain restaurants don’t survive in Austin city limits and people seem to make a point to shop local. This little city is fantastic!

Jo Storrie //  City Manager


Why are you excited to spread the word on “lunch as a perk” in Austin?
I’m excited to be a catalyst in changing the way employees eat lunch. Great food invokes productive conversation and may potentially bridge any gaps between departments. Additionally, donating any leftover food to local nonprofits enables both Sifted and our clients to give back to our community.

What is the food culture like in Austin, and how can Sifted play into that?
The food culture in Austin is always evolving but overall, its typically focused on locally, responsibly sourced ingredients, limiting our carbon footprint and introducing new/exciting flavors. The food scene is unique in Austin, because of the fusion of different flavors (ex: Mexican & Korean) in one dish. Sifted easily fits the scene because our mission is similar: Serve great locally-sourced food.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
My super power would be the ability to teleport. Unlimited travel….instantly!

Why do you love Austin? I love Austin for many reasons but my favorite is the big city feel without actually living in a big city…There is ALWAYS something to do regardless of the day or time. I also love the people; they are generally really friendly and welcoming.