How Sifted’s Wellness Guides Just Changed The Way You Work

The issue

Offices are some of the most unhealthy places to eat in America. From vending machines to the first floor’s sub shop to the unhealthful habit of skipping lunch altogether, we become unhealthier at work.

Making time in the day for taking care of your body is difficult. Building in an extra five minutes to take the stairs or prepping lunch at home, rather than eating out, is usually an afterthought. We’re moving fast and by noon, sometimes pizza or a microwavable lunch seem like the best escape. It’s not surprising that only 1 in 5 people eat lunch away from their desk (via NPR).

These habits, though, are catching up with individuals and corporations. Healthcare costs in the U.S. exceed $3 trillion dollars a year (via, 70% of which is preventable (via YourQuest Corporate Wellness Solutions). These preventable costs, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular issues,etc., are what we should focus on.

Issuing in a new era of wellness is not just a personal responsibility, but a company one. A great majority of people’s lives is spent at work and creating an environment that supports healthfulness is right and good.

…Clients asked for this….

Sifted’s wellness guides are here to help

Sifted’s menus now include full nutritional information with every lunch because we believe you should know what you’re eating. We’re proud of the ingredients that go into our lunches and think you’ll be impressed with healthfulness of each meal.

Here’s what it looks like. You can find the wellness guides by clicking each day of the week in the menu page.

We learned a lot from analyzing our lunches. For starters:

  • We serve 50 varieties of  fruits + vegetables in our menus
  • All of our dressings are naturally gluten-free and made in-house
  • 100% of our lunches have ZERO trans fat
  • Most lunches are low in sugar
  • Our kitchen is free of hydrogenated oils (partial or full!)
  • We never add preservatives
  • All of our menus include at least TWO superfoods (Nutrient-packed foods that fight disease + boost energy)
  • Most of our lunches are around 650 calories and have 33 grams of protein.

With the release of these wellness guides, we’re staying true to our commitment to changing the way companies eat. Because we’ve always created our lunches from scratch with whole foods, your brain and body feel better and work better, even after lunch. When the afternoon rolls around, specifically 2:55 pm, the historically least productive time of work (via CNN), you may be enjoying the 20% brain power boost that a healthy lunch can provide (via World Health Organization).

How can you use this? 

This changes everything. In addition to feeling better at work by eating healthful foods, following our suggested portion sizing, you can track your calorie intake, along with your proteins and carbohydrates. You can use our facts to drive your eating habits towards your personal goals. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make one of our salads after seeing how simple and fresh the ingredients are.

For the company

Our clients are always building their wellness programs, and we’ve added this feature to support their efforts. By using our guides, companies can track how their teams are eating and ensure that the lunches they are serving exceed health goals.