A Visual Guide To Portion Sizing

Sifted’s most recent update, our wellness guides, give our clients what they’ve been asking for: full nutritional information and our ingredient lists. To get the most use out of our wellness guides, it’s important to understanding portion sizing. Without getting too scientific and bringing a scale to lunch (would be weird, right?), we’re going to share some examples of portions to help you visualize what it looks like when we start talking ounces.

Our typical recommendation portion sizing for our menus is:
• 4.25 oz of protein
• 3 oz of veggies
• 3 oz of starches
• 3 oz of salads
• 1 oz of sauce
• .05 oz of dressing

As always, our recommendation is to eat what makes your body and brain feel best. Our portion recommendations are designed with your wellness in mind. We make sure every element serves a nutritional purpose, so having a diverse, full plate is a great start to getting the most out of healthful Sifted lunches.