How do Sifted Lunch Club subscriptions work?

A Sifted Lunch Club subscription is the most convenient way to take a mid day pause! Your subscription ensures you never have to miss a single day of lunches - they will automatically renew each week without you having to place an order! While you cannot cancel your first week, there is absolutely no commitment beyond that, and you can manage your subscription, including skipping weeks, to best fit your schedule. All changes must be made by Wednesday at 12 pm EST for your program the following week. We’ll charge your credit card on Wednesday for the upcoming week’s lunch plan unless you are paused or canceled. 

As a subscriber, how do I skip a week or change my lunch plan?

If you are on a lunch plan, you can skip an upcoming week with no penalty by logging into your account and clicking on “Manage Subscription” and then "Manage Upcoming Orders". Any changes to your subscription must be made before 12 pm EST on Wednesday of the week prior. After that point, your upcoming delivery will be locked for the following week and the card on file will be charged on Thursday morning. Additionally, no changes can be made to your first week of your subscription program. 

How do I cancel my Sifted Lunch Club subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty by logging into your Sifted Lunch Club account and clicking on “Manage Your Subscription.” The option to cancel is listed there. You must cancel before Wednesday at 12 pm EST to not receive lunches the following week. After that point, your upcoming delivery will be locked and the card on file will be charged. Please note, you cannot cancel the first week of your subscription.

If you’re just taking a temporary break (and we hope that’s the case!), you can easily pause your subscription under "Subscription Status". If you need assistance, please contact our team:

How do I change my protein track from Omnivore to Vegetarian?

To change your protein track, cancel your current lunch plan, sign up for the plan with the number of days that you'd like to receive and then select your desired track from Omnivore, Vegetarian or Flexitarian!

How do I change my Sifted's Lunch Club plan to more or less days?

To adjust the number of lunches you receive each week, cancel your current lunch plan and sign up for the plan with the number of days that you'd like to receive.

Delivery + Pickup

How are pickups and deliveries handled safely?

Our meals are handled by our own trained staff from cooking to you. All of our staff are ServSafe certified plus have undergone additional training for COVID-19. Our gloved and masked staff will handle your food to a pickup location or to your doorstep. 

Are all of my meals delivered on the same day?

If you're on our Monday through Wednesday plan, all of your lunches will arrive on Monday before 11:00 am. If you are on one of our other plans, we will split the delivery to ensure you get the freshest lunch possible. The second delivery day is Thursday and will include your Thursday, Friday, and Saturday lunch based on your plan.

When are my meals delivered? 

The delivery days are Monday and Thursday and the window for delivery is between 9 am to 11 am. 

Where are your pickup locations?

Right now, we offer two pickup locations at 3781 Presidential Parkway, FP 321, Atlanta, GA 30340 and 659 Auburn Ave. Suite 157, Atlanta, GA, 30312. At each location you'll see signs for parking. A masked team member will then ask your name and grab your meals.We plan to offer more pickup locations as we grow, including some at convenient spots like breweries and coffee shops.

What is the pickup window? 

The pickup window is between 9 am to 11 am at each of our locations.

Food + Nutrition

Why are Sifted Lunch Club plans healthy?

Each Sifted lunch is created around our whole foods approach and are optimized with the perfect balance of protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfood ingredients. The result is more energy and less afternoon crash.

Do you accommodate for certain allergies? 

We do not currently make modifications to our menus to accommodate food allergies. However, you can view a full list of ingredients for each lunch by clicking on the lunch photo on our online menu.

Who cooks your lunches? 

Our food is made by our incredible team of chefs who create your lunches in commercial kitchens. Collectively the team has over 100 years of experience in the food industry with backgrounds in fine dining and nutrition. 

Do I need to heat my lunch

No - no need to reheat! Sifted Lunch Club lunches are ready-to-eat, making them the easiest way to enjoy a healthful lunch with no wait time. 

How are your meals packaged?

Our meals are packaged in all compostable containers and should be composted when possible. The meals will be stacked in a paper bag that can be recycled or put in the compost.