How to dispose of your 

Tasting Kits

At Sifted, we are committed to sourcing responsible packaging materials and to improving our products over time with the earth’s best interest in mind. 

1. Craft Mailer

Remove tape + shipping label and recycle your box

2. Craft Packing Fluff


3. Instruction Booklets


4. In House-Packaged items 

(black bags + cellophane bags)

Dispose in trash

5. Disposable Coffee Pour-overs

Dispose in trash

6. Cotton Tea Bags


7. Glass Syrup Bottles

Remove sticker, rinse, & recycle (check if your state has a glass recycling program)

8. Brown Paper Popcorn Bag

Remove sticker & compost

9. Paper Straw


10. Excess Food Items


11. Prepackaged Items

Varies: see individual package for recycle instructions