Culinary immersion kits delivered to your doorstep. Kits can be self-led or paired with a chef-guided session. 

PERK. Sifted Boxes Sifted Boxes

With smart, savory and sweet food pairings, you will enjoy 3 global experiences that will take you on a high-energy trip around the world without leaving your home. 

RUBY. Sifted

Treat your friends, co-workers and clients to a chocolate candy making experience using recently discovered Ruby Pink Chocolate. 

SIP. Sifted Boxes Sifted Boxes

With the taste altering Miracle Berry and sensation stimulating, Szechuan pepper, you and your crew are in for a flavor trip that leaves your loop behind. 

POP. Sifted Boxes Sifted Boxes

Popcorn and soda pop -- the POP kit takes this familiar pair far past your typical movie theater variety. From sweet to smokey, tart to umami, known to new, your popcorn has never been so adventurous.

PAIR. Sifted Boxes Sifted Boxes

This charcuterie-style box adds some much needed dimension to your snack break. With imaginative pairings, you’ll explore the expansiveness of your palate. 

CHEER. Sifted

Double chocolate fondue, mulled cider and Rosemary Truffle Popcorn. This kit sings. Spread CHEER by adding this kit to your virtual holiday party or send as a gift to your client list, friends + family.