POP | Experiential Tasting Kit
POP | Experiential Tasting KitPOP | Experiential Tasting KitPOP | Experiential Tasting Kit

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Popcorn and soda pop -- the POP kit takes this familiar pair far past your typical movie theater variety.

Your kit includes 4 spice blends that will take your popcorn to new corners of the flavor map. From sweet to smokey, tart to umami, known to new, your popcorn has never been so adventurous.

Pop your kernels in your microwave, select your spice blend. Sprinkle it, savor it. Then, combine your syrup and soda for a new world pairing (add liquor of your choice)

Settle in for a Netflix binge or a quarterly earnings call. Either way, your night will pop. 



1. Popcorn kernels 

2. Brown paper bags for making 4 batches of popcorn in your microwave

3. 4 spice blends covering all 5 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter + umami)

4. 2 housemade drink syrups

5. Club soda

6. Paper straw


1 experience (1-3 servings) 

Vegan, gluten-free, nut free, soy free 


You’ll need:

Oil or butter. Chef recommends olive, coconut and sesame oil.

Your kit ships in 3-5 days.   

Add a facilitated session w/ our head chefs and explore the science of taste.