It started with two women.

Kimberly Lexow and Jess Legge were masters of the 9-5. Southern transplants working in the blended tech + healthcare industry, with one question:

“Could the work lunch be better?”

It’s an expectation these days that work is hard + fast. But lunch doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagining an office where employees wanted to stick around and share a table of inspired cuisine, Lexow and Legge founded Sifted in 2015. With no food background, L & L, entrepreneurial marketing mavens, built a business that is unafraid to challenge work lunch norms.

Now two years later, Sifted is a gritty, hustling gang that takes risks, makes mistakes, and is bent on creating the best lunch you’ve ever had.

For the company

  • Provides a simple, fully-managed perk that team members ACTUALLY enjoy
  • Allows admin to focus on more strategic projects by eliminating 10 hrs/wk of coordinating lunch
  • Can save company up to $18K/year/employee in productivity
  • Is categorized as 100% deductible

For the individual

  • Supports a social, appreciative atmosphere
  • Alleviates stress + work of worrying about lunch
  • Treats every human like a human. We do dietary restrictions like it’s our job.