Jess Legge and Kimberly Lexow were masters of the 9 to 5 - working at a high-growth tech start-up, with one question: “Could the work lunch be better?”

It’s an expectation these days that work is hard and fast. But lunch doesn’t have to be that way. Imagining an office where employees want to stick around and share a table of inspired food, Legge and Lexow founded Sifted in 2015.

Since then we’ve delivered millions of meals to the most innovate companies across the US and when COVID hit, our clients needed a partner to help them manage their remote culture. That’s when we created our virtual team building experiences. Now as companies fully embrace the future of a flexible workplace, Sifted has become a comprehensive employee experience partner offering both in-office catering services and an extensive portfolio of engaging virtual experiences for distributed teams. 


Sifted kitchens are zero food waste with all food scraps being composted and all leftovers being donated everyday. Since launching our donation program, Sifted has donated over 250,000 lunches to those who experience food insecurity in our 6 cities. Our disposable products are selected with an emphasis on sustainability. Our commitment to protecting the health and wellness of the environment and the communities around us led us to partnering with Eco-Products. Additionally, we offset carbon emissions from the shipment of our virtual experience kits through our partnership with carbonfund.org.

We believe that as our company grows, so does our responsibility therefore we’re constantly looking for ways to improve sustainability and protect our natural resources.


We use 7 core truths as the framework of employee engagement programs and culture:

1. Good food is powerful
2. We support regular people with big ideas
3. We make mistakes and evolve
4. We appreciate people’s differences
5. Simple food is the best food
6. We seek, listen and implement feedback quickly + enthusiastically
7. We are our clients’ biggest fans

We’re the kind of partner you want in your corner. We’ll work tirelessly for your team because we know what can be accomplished when coworkers become friends and individuals become a movement.


Inspiration for our employee experiences comes from our continuous curiosity, our diverse clients that push us to think outside of our own bubble, and the desire to share an experience despite distance.

Over the course of 2020, the workplace changed. Moving teams from consistent in-office schedules to flexible policies. Sifted has evolved with our customers, providing both opportunities for meaningful in-person connections and engaging virtual kits to support distributed teams. Our mission has always been to elevate the workplace experience and we now deliver that both face-to-face and virtually.

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